About Us

The school was started in the year 1994. We got affiliated with Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education in 1997. day we got opportunity to shape the characters of more than 500 students of the town. Well educated teachers who excel in their fields are devoted to teaching and giving their best for the well-being of students.

School has provided its own standard and take part in various activities organised by various socio-cultural and spiritual  institutes and  rganisations at different levels.

AIM of School

R.V.K. Aims to Prepare such students who would be perfect citizens, Physically, Mentally and Intellectual and biased towards Indian Culture, Indian moral and Spiritual values and be well aware of modern Sciences Information Technology and may be well prepared to face the modern challenges of modern times. We inculcate such habits  among students which contribute a lot towards the smooth running of life in national and family affairs

Our Vision

We are committed to :-